April 9, 2012

Nicaragua | Fig Adventures P1

Fig Adventures

Some Instagram’s from my Nicaragua trip.

I didn’t know much about the country when I decided to go, but one thing I learned is that they have lots of volcanoes.

They also have the only fresh water sharks in the world.

After getting out of the car and taking a bunch of pictures at this tourist stop, our driver decided to tell us it was very dangerous. People get kidnapped all the time.

Baking some bricks.

Another amazing volcano. This one is actually steams all day long. Crazy!

How does she do that?Bill Watt trying to stay out of the sun. You will notice in the second post why he was staying out of the sun.

A little bike ride down to the estuary.

Loved the look of the boat with the mangroves.

Ryan hanging out in the town hoping to get some more “Gasiosas” (soda.)

Ryan burning the daily trash. You can see this hole on Google Earth!


Medi licking her battle wounds.

Volcano in the sunset!

One of the many fun snakes we saw.

Waves went pretty flat so I decided to try out my GoPro Cam. I loved it!

So many AMAZING sunsets!!


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