January 2, 2012


Fig Adventures
Happy Monday!!!
We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here are some fun family photos from the holidays….
Yes, Dylly is wearing lipstick! She is obsessed with lipstick and chapstick! And Carly has pigtails! And Nathan looks awesome in his skinny jeans.
This is the girls Christmas tree. Yay BigLots!
And there’s one of Taylor’s ornaments… we miss her so much!
My mom made each of us a stocking.
There’s our Swedish goat. We put it next to our tree to keep the gnomes and trolls from stealing our presents. Which I thought was a real Swedish tradition until I looked it up and it’s not! But it’s a Figgle family tradition now.
Daddy! Stop taking pictures of me!
Great Grandpa and Grandma Wessel! We have lunch with them once a month at Chili’s.
Nathan’s teacher told all the boys to slick their hair back for the Christmas play… turns out Nathan was the only boy with long blond hair.  Haha, it was awesome.
Merry Christmas!!!!

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