January 9, 2012


Fig Adventures
Happy Monday!!
Ok, so I know it’s winter, BUT we wanted to share our camping trip from this summer.  You know you want it to be summer already. Haha just kidding.
The kids were so excited to go camping. I think we actually function better as a family when we are camping.  Our friends Jason and Margaret camp along for the chaos too. Their kids are adorable, Kate is super spunky and Everett is still trying to figure out how to keep up with his big sister. Margaret is also pregnant due this March. Crossing my fingers for March 8th, so Dylly and the baby girl can share birthdays!!
Pop-tarts are the best!
Dylly really does like to camp but she looks miserable here!
Kate and Dylly BFF
Typical Carly in her favorite shades!
Everett you are SO cute!
Yes! She is only 2 and surfing!!
Kate is amazing!
Proud daddy!
Look at that face! Pure joy!
Go Nathan!!
This one is my favorite one
I love it when she smiles!
I’m so proud of all my kids! They are fearless!
We have taken this same shot every year!

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