February 28, 2014

Redondo Beach Engagement | Maricel and John


It’s finally here! Maricel and John’s wedding is just around the corner and we can’t wait to celebrate with the whole crew! We met Maricel and her family over ten years ago. Casey was her brothers youth leader and their family has been with us since the beginning of our relationship.  It is so awesome to play a part in your friend’s wedding and I think photography is the most fun. Let me tell you a little about Maricel and John…

They met at the romantic world of Best Buy. John was working full time as a Geek Squad agent, and Maricel just got hired doing returns in Customer Service. I know what your thinking Geek Squad + Costumer Service = match made in heaven.  They started to notice each other and it didn’t take long for the two of them to go on their first date.  They dated for awhile and John finally got the nerve to ask Maricel’s dad if he could marry his daughter.  That might seem like a simple task… but Maricel’s dad Sherman is a big dude who rides a Harly and tells you exactly what he’s thinking all the time. He then follows his comments by a really loud and fantastic laugh! That’s why we LOVE him so much. But I’m sure John had some reservations. Well… Sherman said, “yes!”

John told Maricel they were going to have a special date night at Shanghai Reds in Marina Del Rey. Upon arriving to the restaurant they walked to their table and both of their families were waiting. Also there waiting was a tower of cupcakes from Maricel’s favorite cupcakery, Frosted. The top cupcake adored a toothpick that read “Will you marry me?” and the ring laid on a chocolate heart. And of course someone captured it on video and her sister in law of Freebird Photography took photos! Here’s a link to what Maricel says is an embarrassing video, but I love it and got teary eyed.

Maricel and John, see you on your wedding day! It’s going to be AMAZING!



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