December 26, 2015

Malibu Creek State Park Engagement | Jesi + Terry


You might recognize Jesi and Terry from one of the weddings we photographed this year. They were in Shelby and Reed‘s bridal party and we are stoked that we get to photograph their engagement session and wedding. Terry and Jesi met while she was in cosmetology school. Terry is Reed’s best friend and Shelby set them up on a blind date. They had planned to go to Golf N Stuff in Ventura. When Shelby, Reed, and Terry picked her up, Jesi instantly recognized Terry. Small world! Terry’s mom was Jesi’s manager when she worked at Mimis Café during high school! She loved working for his mom and remembers her always talking about her son and showing pictures of him. Jesi would think to herself, “he is really cute!” Looks like these two were meant to be and when you see their engagement photos, we think you will agree. Their proposal story is adorable so we will let Jesi give you all of the details…

“This is a great story! Terry recently graduated the Ventura County Sheriffs Department Academy. His graduation date was October 9, 2015 so I decided to throw him a surprise graduation party at Shelby’s parent’s house. For a couple of months Shelby and I planned the party, made invitations to send out to family and friends, made decorations…just did everything needed to make sure an awesome party was thrown for him for working so hard in achieving his dream of becoming a member of Law Enforcement. I did an excellent job keeping it a secret and making sure he didn’t find out, but there was one incident where the surprise was almost ruined for both of us! The day finally came, he graduated, and it came time for the party. Everything went well and everyone was having a great time, and then Reed made an announcement that it was time for speeches. It came time for my turn so I reluctantly made a short and sweet speech and while I was about to walk back to my chair I was told by multiple people to stand up there with Terry while he made his final speech to everyone. I was completely oblivious and did as I was told. Well, Terry made a beautiful speech and went on thanking everyone for their support and how much it meant to him blah blah blah…he then started talking about me and his and I’s relationship and how I made it possible for him to graduate and how I was the best thing that ever happened to him and then all of a sudden he dug into his pocket pulled out a little black box, kneeled down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!! Everyone started cheering and clapping and I completely lost it! I started crying hysterically, and without uttering a word I just fell to my knees with him and wrapped my arms around him. Someone in the back yelled “did she even say anything?” So I then screamed out loud “yes!” over and over again. Long story short, EVERYBODY knew about the engagement proposal except for me! Terry obviously knew about the surprise graduation party thanks to Shelby and Reed because they helped him get my absolute DREAM RING and plan the whole thing out. The best part about it was that Terry completely and utterly surprised me when I thought that I was the one who would surprise him!”


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