March 22, 2012

Dylan’s 4th Birthday Party

Fig Adventures

My little Dylly is 4! She is so beautiful, feisty, amazing, and she has the biggest heart! She is our little blessing and she will probably never understand how much we love her until she has kids of her own. Which she is already planning on having 10 kids. She cracks me up! We are super blessed to have a ton of family and friends that live very close, SO… we usually end up having a family party and a friend party. Sounds like a lot of work, but the kids are stoked with that arrangement and I love having parties! Casey is starting to love it too… haha!

Dylly is very lucky to have an older brother and cousin who love her SO much!

Carly was over it! She was finding a happy place with her pen and pad of paper.Cousin Joey hammin’ it up!

Oooh! Lipstick! I LOVE parties, but I really LOVE baking and decorating for parties. Dylly wanted everything to be pink! She wanted the cake to look like a giant pink sprinkled doughnut!On top of everything being pink… Dylly wanted a fashion show party (thanks to Grandma for the fantastic idea)… it was SO much fun. All of her little girlfriends brought their favorite dress-up clothes over.  Then we turned our garage into a run way.  OMGoodness… I know I’m biased, but she is SO gorgeous! And NO we didn’t brush her hair.  I barely got that braid in. LOL Dylly hates having her hair brushed, but what little girl really does!?You should have seen these girls! They were loving every moment of this!SO beautiful!!!Ok… I could just stare at them!Dylly’s friend Carli was a little nervous, but she DID it! So adorable!!!The older girls were helping the little girls get dressed up, but the couldn’t resist the run way.Pretty in pink!Gorgeous Ava… I mean Ariel and Cinderella!Beautiful Snow White!The little beauties! Juliet stole the show… not surprising at all! Check her out!Dylly you are loved!You are ALL loved SO much!!

Keana Clay : 02:29 March 23, 2012 Reply
Love, love, love it! I'm diggin' the new blog too! *two thumbs up*

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