September 27, 2011


Here is part two of Larissa and Tony’s wedding.  We had so much fun during every moment of this wedding… Check it out!!

Tony’s guys were SUPER awesome, as you can see!!




So cute!!



The South Coast Botanic Gardens is one of my favorite places to shoot! Great choice guys!!


Right about this point was when Casey and I split so I could go shoot the details.  And I said, “it smells like rain” and sure enough about 5 minutes later it was gently raining on the cocktail hour.  But I think they would I agree, it was totally worth it! You will see why later….




I loved these!


These are the amazing Vintage Vera Napkins!


All the herbs were still in their little pots so all the guest were able to take them home. No waste! Such a good idea!









Homemade Jenga game!









At every wedding we work our butts off and by dinner time we are starving… and this In-N-Out truck was killing us! It smelled SO freakin’ good. That was the best burger EVER!!




Notice the beautiful storm clouds still lurking in the distance.



Awesome storm….. and DOUBLE RAINBOW!! I’m not going to lie I was almost crying too! LOL

I have never seen a sunset rainbow before… it was the most amazing thing ever!

And luckily the storm stayed to the south of us… oh BTW did you know Casey and I are total weather geeks! Yup that’s right we had our radar out tracking the storm!




Okay! If you love ice cream cookies you HAVE TO scrap a cake and go with CoolHaus! I LOVE these guys!


This is one of the reasons I love Larissa!

Nope not Tony…

Nope, still not Tony…

Again, not Tony!



Oh to be loved by all the men in your life! Haha!…

And women too!

You guys are truly blessed with amazing friends and family. And we were so blessed to be there for the awesome celebration!!
Lots of Love,
Andrea and Casey
The amazing team that helped make this wedding awesome!
Photography – Figlewicz Photography
Ceremony/Reception – South Coast Botanic Garden
Coordinator – Vala Events
Photo Booth –  IM Photo Booths
Make-up – Design Visage
Florist – Sadas Flowers
Catering – In-N-Out
Dessert – Coolhaus Truck
Beverages – Liquid Catering
Officiate – Dr. Wayne Hager
Event Staff/Rentals – Event Professionals
Security – Medina Protective
Tony Smith : 05:33 August 30, 2012 Reply
Casey, I can't express enough what a wonderful job you and your wife did for us! We're about to celebrate our one year anniversary next week! I still can't believe it's been a year! As a result, I was just looking at the photos on this blog post, and decided to leave a comment! You and you team did an amazing job, and I want to leave this comment, and give you the highest recommendation. If anyone wants to call me and ask about their services, feel free to reach out to me. I'd be happy to tell you that these guys were absolutely amazing and worth every penny! Sincerely, Tony Smith

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