May 18, 2015

Santa Monica Engagement | Molly and Jordan


When Molly and Jordan decided to have their engagement session on the Santa Monica Pier, Stacee was so excited! This adorable couple met in high school and have been together ever since. Flash forward five years from high school to the Santa Monica Pier and you will find Molly and Jordan at a concert. While they were riding the ferris wheel that night Molly was sure Jordan would propose, but it wasn’t until they got back to their apartment, which was decorated with candles and flowers, that Jordan asked Molly to be his wife. Congratulations Molly and Jordan!

From Molly: “What I like most about Jordan is how funny, caring, and loyal he is. I have always been able to trust him and know that he’s there for me and has my back. He also is goofy and funny and doesn’t take things so seriously”

From Jordan: “I love Molly because she is so funny, smart, and beautiful. Her smile makes me so happy and she makes me laugh even when she’s mad. She’s always been there for me, and I knew the minute I saw her I would fall in love with her and I would’ve married her the day we started dating.”




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