May 19, 2015

Palos Verdes Engagement | Farah and Harris


You were you, and I was I; we were two, before our time. I was yours, before I knew; and you have always been mine too.

Farah and Harris quoted “Always” by Lang Leav to describe their relationship. This happy couple met as freshman at the University of Virginia on the first day of classes. Check out their awesome story told by Farah:

“Our first weekend at UVa we were watching “Are you afraid of the dark?” (why? I don’t know) in a friend’s dorm room and Harris asked to compare our calculus homework answers. Afterwards, I accidentally Ieft my phone in his room and he returned it to me with his number in it and changed my phone background to a picture of him. I always poke fun at Harris and say that he really didn’t need help with the homework (he’s a rocket scientist, come on!) and he teases that I left my phone in his room on purpose!
We lived in the same dorm, had many of the same classes, and ran in the same group of friends. We became really good friends over the first semester of college – and then on the last night of finals over a mountain of red bull in Clemons library, Harris asked me to be his girlfriend. 9 years, 4 degrees, and 3 states later – here we are!”

Harris proposed to Farah on 12/13/14 at a beautiful restaurant in Santa Monica. Before dessert came, Harris asked Farah to be his wife and she accepted! The waitress delivered a rose to Farah as the tables around them cheered for this newly engaged couple. Check out their beautiful Palos Verdes Engagement photos!


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