April 25, 2014

Santa Barbara Engagement | Nikki & Steve


From the bride to be:

Our story began in May 2009, but its roots can be traced back as far as 1994! Both Steve and my families’ moved to the same suburb of Atlanta around that time and as fate would have it, we attended the same high school and were both part of the same, very large, graduating class. Although we had friends in common, we never shared a word during high school. Fast forward many years, cities and jobs later and we both found ourselves single and living in the same area. After seeing a photo of him in a friend’s Facebook post and recognizing his name from high school, I befriended Steve on a whim. Months went by with no interaction, despite my insistence that the friend introduce us formally. It looked as if our paths would never cross. In late May, 2009, after a long week, I reluctantly went out to dinner at a bar/restaurant with my friend, feeling exhausted from work and looking ragged. Steve, too, was with friends and post-dinner decided to grab a drink at a local spot. As I looked up from the table – there he was. We locked eyes and exchanged smiles, both understanding the reciprocal interest in one another. Our connection was instant – we talked for hours – even after our friends had long given up on joining the conversation and left. The two of us continued our evening at a late-night dance club where we sweat it out to 80’s music and laughed until we collapsed on the dance floor. It was the beginning of mutual love of many things – dancing, laughter and each other.

In November 2013, while in route to Southeast Asia, our journey began with a planned overnight layover in LA. We settled into a quiet boutique hotel near the airport with plans to grab a quick bite the next morning in Manhattan Beach, before heading off to the airport to continue on to Tokyo. We woke up early the next morning and got ready to head to Uncle Bills. Uncle Bill’s was a casual place that Steve had visited several weeks back on a work trip – it was a “laid back breakfast joint”, he mentioned, but I should still dress up a little bit… just in case it was nicer than he recalled. I reluctantly obliged – throwing on some flats and blazer in lieu of the Lululemon stretch pants and sweatshirt I had planned on wearing during the flight. After a hearty meal, we made our way down to the beach at my insistence (or so I was to believe). We walked down the strand, towards the pier, and then made our way onto the beach, heading North. At one point we stopped and gazed off into the Pacific Ocean, anxious to get to the other side. Steve leaned in and asked if I was ready for this adventure. “The trip? Of course!” I exclaimed and as I turned around and saw him on one knee I heard “no, this adventure”.

Steve is the funniest person I know. This may surprise a lot of people because he also has a very serious side, but that’s what makes his humor and humility even more sincere. When life gets difficult or stressful, somehow he always manages to bring a smile back to my face. -NikkiI love the way Nikki loves. She has an enduring quality to her that, even when I’m at my worst, still shines through. She never quits, never gives up, and is always there to love and support me. -Steve

Nikki and Steve, we had so much fun with you guys in Santa Barbara! We are so thankful the storm stopped and left us with amazing backdrops and an empty carousel. We can’t wait to see you guys again and to head back to Santa Barbara for the wedding!!

Nikki : 20:55 April 25, 2014 Reply
Wow! I can't pick my favorite! Forever grateful to Casey and Andrea for their awesome shots :) And it was a blast shooting them - rain or shine!!
Debbe Schademann : 22:13 April 25, 2014 Reply
Well that was super fun!
Stacee Lianna : 22:49 April 25, 2014 Reply
So sad for the owner of that boat but it made for some AWESOME photos!! Love these!

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