November 1, 2013

San Pedro Engagement | Loralee & Jason


Jason and Loralee met through mutual friends. Loralee first saw Jason on 19th street in San Pedro. He was in a car with some of his friends and he yelled out the window, “I’m going to marry you someday!” They obviously found each other again and his wish is coming true! Jason and Loralee have been best friends for the past 11 years and have not gone one day without seeing/talking to each other in all of that time. They have had a very strong relationship (no breakups…ever) and they know  100% they want to spend the rest of our lives together.

Jason proposed on a trip to Vegas, with all their friends who are now in the wedding party. Jason took Loralee to the Top of the World for dinner. When they were finished with dinner, Jason complained that his new shoes were hurting him and he needed to go back to the room at the Venetian to change them. He had Loralee open the door to the room and there were rose petals everywhere, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries. She thought they were in the wrong room at first! He brought her near the bed and got down on one knee and brought a box out from under the bed. Loralee was already crying and of course said, “yes!!” They popped the bottle and had a few strawberries and invited their friends to the party…they were all in on it.

You two are super cute and we can’t wait for your wedding at Palos Verdes Golf Club!

Debbe Schademann : 18:00 November 1, 2013 Reply
Oh my goodness. Their engagement story made me cry. Such a wonderful proposal. The pictures you took of them show such an endearing relationship. I can tell by your photos how in love they are.

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