March 18, 2014

Palos Verdes Engagement | Megan and Danny


Before Casey and I decided to do wedding photography full time he was working at Lindberg Nutrition and Megan was his boss.  Megan was probably one of the first people to know that Casey was seriously entertaining the thought of quitting his 8-5 and driving in.  She would always say in a loving way of course,  “you’ll never do it!”  But he did and now he we are shooting her wedding! We are so excited!  We had so much fun shooting their engagement photos and getting to know Danny better.

Megan and Danny met during late spring of 2007 through a mutual friend. The friend and Megan were on the beach by her house in north Manhattan Beach just hanging out and she thought she saw her neighbor (Danny) sitting not too far from them on the sand. She called his cell phone, and sure enough it was him on the beach. He came over to where they were sitting and they all chatted for a while. Later that night, the three of them went to Pancho’s for dinner and dancing that evening.

Danny and Megan got to know each other as friends and they mostly hung out in a group with other people. But then that fall, they had their first few official “dates” and now here they are! They talked significantly about getting married during May 2013, and they actually set a date and started planning during the summer. However, the official proposal happened on a gorgeous and scenic overlook in Sedona just before they ventured off together on a 3-week cross-country road trip to visit friends and family.

They love spending time at the beach, and outside in general. They both love the sun and the warm weather. They enjoy exploring around new towns and creating their own adventures, whether local or away from home.


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