March 26, 2014

Temescal Canyon Engagement | Alyssa & David


David and Alyssa are best friend. From the very beginning they seemed to to fit together as if they had always been together. Things are just better when they are together. It was never question of if, only a matter of when. They can’t imagine life without each other and look forward to growing old together.

Alyssa and David met at UC Santa Barbara. David’s best friend was dating Alyssa’s best friend. David tried for months to get her to notice him, but she was not interested. Finally his persistence prevailed, she fell head over heals, and here they are three years later!

David proposed this past August at Montage Laguna Beach. He had an elaborate backstory as to why they were going down there. The Montage is Alyssa’s favorite place. It’s absolutely stunning! He arranged for their families to be there hiding around the corner while he proposed right at sunset on the bluff. Everyone came running out and they had an amazing dinner celebration. David told Alyssa that since they couldn’t get married there, they could at least get engaged.

Alyssa and David both love food! So cooking great meals and going to great restaurants are a couple of their favorite things. They love walking on the bluff to the beach and being together makes everything better. They can’t wait for their wedding and are SUPER excited for everything that comes along with it!

I love Alyssa’s smile. It the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and it just makes me melt inside. -DavidI love David’s laugh. It is the most genuine laugh, completely happy and it just makes you feel better inside. -Alyssa


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