March 11, 2014

Manhattan Beach Proposal | Nikki & Stephen


How do you hide on a wide open beach?!! We were just hoping that Nikki would have no idea what was going on so she wouldn’t be suspicious of the huge camera with the extra large lens on it.  We still stayed our distance just in case!  I love the guy jogging by… he didn’t stop, but he still showed his excitement. Then it was Casey turn to jog over to shoot Nikki’s reactions to the amazing proposal by Stephen! Good thing he had been training for the L.A. Marathon. What a whirl wind of emotions. You guys are adorable and we can’t wait to show off your engagement session photos too!!

I love this moment, Nikki still in shock, realizes it was all documented!Stephen feeling very relieved he pulled it off and Nikki staring at her gorgeous ring!Still staring and still feeling relieved!So cute!

Nikki : 22:29 March 11, 2014 Reply
Thank you so much for being part of our special day, Casey! We can't wait for you to photograph our wedding day!
Barbara Bruneel : 00:09 March 13, 2014 Reply
Love every photo..Can't wait to meet you! : 22:12 March 18, 2014 Reply
wow...definite tears on this one! beautiful!!

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