May 16, 2014

Palos Verdes Engagement | Alisa & Adrian


Okay, first off I’m in love with Alisa! Any girl who can look good while skateboarding gets respect from me. Mostly because the first time I tried skateboarding I fell on my face and chipped my front tooth! Needless to say I never did it again.  We had a blast photographing these two skateboarding in front of the wedding venue, the Neighborhood Church.  We can’t wait for the wedding!

Here is what Alisa has to say about their engagement:

We celebrated our four year anniversary on December 22nd and decided to have a day trip down to Carmel. It was our first time there and it was amazing. We walked down to the beach first, then we went to a bistro to snack, then left to catch the tail end of the sunset. We were walking along the beach I was taking photos, and the first stars started to come out. We kept walking and it started to get chilly, so we were going to head back, that was when Adrian proposed! It was great because it was dark and secluded and there weren’t any people to gawk at us. It was nice that a couple minutes passed and some people happened to walk by so they could take our picture. I love the fact that it happened under the stars, because stars are magical. Later we left the beach and I gave Adrian his present which included a straight edge razor with a special wood bocote handle, a badger hair brush, a leather strop, and all the pre and post shave accoutrements. Then we had dinner at my friend’s restaurant and called our family and friends to share the news.

I dare you to do this same photo in your wedding dress!I knew I wanted to marry Alisa after we had a week long move and I was having a pathetic breakdown about being tired, and Alisa said snap out of it, let’s get this finished. The fact that is was such a potentially stressful event and it went so smoothly gave me great confidence in the strength of our relationship. -Adrian
I love Adrian’s intellect, sense of humor, calm demeanor. How he loves dark chocolate too. Dark > milk. He likes to try new things, such as uncommon foods and picks up new hobbies. He is knowledgeable about a variety of things and is very thoughtful in his analysis of said topics, which makes for great conversation. -Alisa Adrian and Alisa like to rock climb, try new tasty food and drinks mostly of the beer and wine variety. Skateboard, camp, hike, play Magic the Gathering, play Minecraft (you guys need to come over and play with Nathan), watch marathon sessions of favorite TV shows and movies. Garden and take care of our lizard. I love Alisa’s passion, energy, loyalty, open mindedness, and breadth of interests. -Adrian

Debbe Schademann : 21:15 May 16, 2014 Reply
Oh my! This is the sweetest, and most fun photo shoot ever! Loved it.

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