November 5, 2014

Manhattan Beach Engagement | Kerry and Matt


We are so excited to share Kerry and Matt’s engagement photos with everyone! We started the shoot at one of our new favorite spots. Barsha is a super cool wine and spirits tasting room! Definitely an amazing place to check out. Kerry and Matt were a little nervous, but we quickly got to see their fun and silly side come to life. We finished the shoot done at Manhattan Beach. We hope you enjoy getting to know Kerry and Matt… we sure did!

From Kerry:

“Matt and I met on January 23, 2011 at Rudy’s in Newport Beach, CA. The Bears were playing the Packers in the NFC Championship game. As a lifelong Bears fan, Matt was out with his buddies to watch the game, and I was dragged by some of my friends to go out for a Sunday Funday – I really just wanted to stay home and relax. Little did I know that going out that day was the best thing I have ever done!

I noticed Matt from the second my friends and I sat down at our table. Being so into the game, Matt had tunnel vision and didn’t see me, even though I made several, very obvious trips to the restroom so that I would pass right in front of him every time. Still, no luck getting his attention away from the game.

Once the game was over (and the Bears lost their bid to go to the Superbowl), Matt and I finally made eye contact. Both of our groups of friends were taking off, but Matt and I decided to stay back and hang out with each other. Besides, with the Bears losing, he needed some consoling.

I took Matt’s phone and we were Facebook friends within 5 minutes of knowing one another, ha ha. We had a few more beers together, then had our first meal at In N Out, and Matt asked me for my number. I didn’t really expect to ever hear from him again, but he called me the next day and he took me out to dinner the following night! Our first date was at The Crow Bar and Kitchen, in Corona Del Mar.

Matt made dinner reservations at my favorite restaurant – Tavern, in Brentwood. He told me two things – be ready by 6:00pm because the reservation is at 6:15pm, and that he couldn’t get the night off from work so he had to go in at 9:00pm. I was just done getting ready at 5:58pm, and I was at the door, purse in hand and shoes on, ready to go. Matt said, “Shoot! I can’t find my wallet…..I think I left it at Ralphs when I bought your flowers”. I was so frustrated with him, especially since I rushed to get ready and was actually ready on time! We spent the next 5 minutes looking all over the house, in the couch cushions, everywhere to find his wallet. I was looking in the kitchen, and Matt was in my bedroom and yelled for me to come in there and help him look. I walk in…and there he is, down on one knee holding a little box….tears in his eyes (Sorry Matt, I had to tell them that part!) I was shocked because he was actually proposing for real, and not just pretending to bend down to tie his shoe!! He had tricked me several times in the weeks beforehand.

We went onto have the most amazing dinner – Matt had told the restaurant that we’d be celebrating my birthday AND our recent engagement. So, so sweet. OH! And Matt didn’t actually have to go into work that night either – he tricked me there too.

Lastly, Matt had texted some of his colleagues photos of the ring/proposal, and since he works at the NFL Network, those photos ended up live on air! The morning NFL Show gave Matt and I a big shout out on live TV – and giving props to Matt for doing such a good job. It will live on our DVR player forever!”


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