April 16, 2014

Malaga Cove Engagement | Jenna & Will


We have known Jenna since she was in junior high. My best friend Jessie was the leader of Jenna’s wild and crazy discipleship group! Casey and I were also volunteer leaders that same year.  Apparently God knew one day we would be shooting weddings together! It is always fun to see all our passed students all grown up and getting married!! So, here we go, meet Jenna and Will….

Jenna and Will met at law school. Will was in his third/final year and Jenna was in her first. They had seen each other a few times around school, but never met. Later in the semester, they both attended the virtual equivalent of law school prom. Will saw Jenna talking to a mutual friend and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. He walked over and introduced himself. Little did he know, he already had the title “cute library boy” as Jenna often saw him “studying” in the library. Little did Jenna know, Will was waiting for the right opportunity to introduce himself. Their first coffee date was the week before finals and they spent the two weeks studying together in the library. After finals, they shared their first “real” date ice skating in Beverly Hills, one of Jenna’s all time favorite holiday pastimes.

Jenna’s family visits New York City every December for a little fun in the snow and Christmas shopping. This year, Jenna and her mom, Kim, arrived in the city on Wednesday, her dad, Eric, and brother, Jackson, were set to arrive on Friday, and Will was due in on Saturday morning, bright and early. On that Friday morning, Jenna and Kim headed down to Fifth Avenue for some shopping and site seeing. That afternoon, Eric and Jackson arrived into town and began calling to see where the girls were and what time they were going to be back to the hotel for dinner. Jenna and Kim, in no apparent rush, continued shopping and the boys continued calling. With each call, they seemed more and more desperate for food and less and less capable of finding food without the help of the girls. Jenna and Kim then hit the streets, at rush hour, on their uphill quest walking 25 blocks in the freezing cold, so that the boys wouldn’t starve. Upon their arrival at the hotel, they entered the hotel bar in search of Jackson and Eric and to Jenna’s surprise, she found Will!

Will immediately told Jenna to drop her armfuls of bags and to follow him outside. Outside the hotel awaited a horse drawn carriage that took Will and Jenna into Central Park. While in the carriage, Will disguised his plan by saying “happy one year anniversary!” and handing Jenna a note that celebrated the year they had spent together. Jenna replied by saying “this is the best surprise ever!” and then asked Will to place the card back in his coat pocket for safekeeping. While doing this, Will said “wait there is another note” and he handed Jenna a poem that ended in the phrase “Marry me?”. Jenna said “are you kidding me?!?” and then of course said “YES!”. They ended their carriage ride at the ice skating rink, much like the one where they spent their first date night together in Beverly Hills. After ice-skating, Jenna and Will sipped champagne and ate dinner at a restaurant on the upper west side, soaking in the events of the hour past. They spent the rest of the weekend in a wintery, snow filled, wonderland – walking, talking, and enjoying the sites New York has to offer during the holidays.

I love that Will is a great communicator. He is caring, loving, and thoughtful and always willing to learn and grow. I love that Will is active and cares about fitness and health. Will is smart and dreams big, which I admire about him. I love that Will is steadfast in his faith and is always searching to learn more and gain new perspectives. What I love most about our relationship is that when Will and I do absolutely nothing together, we have a blast! -Jenna

I love Jenna’s outlook on life. She is truly one of the most grateful and joyous people I know. She enjoys the simple things in life, and treats each day as a gift. She has a presence and confidence that can’t be ignored. I love her desire to be the best person she can be, in all areas of her life; school, sports, work, and as a significant other. I also love her lion-mane hair, and watching her pony tail bob up and down as she goes about her business. -WillJenna and Will both love nature. They enjoy going on sunset walks and hikes in the mountains. The love road tripping together and talking about a little bit of everything along the way. They love to work out together. They enjoy walking around Santa Monica, window-shopping, and people watching. Their most coveted time together is when we can share a slow morning – eating breakfast together and relishing in the calm away from everyday life. They love the simple things and enjoy taking on life together.


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