March 20, 2013

Fig Adventures | Dylan’s 5th Birthday

Fig Adventures

Our Dylly dally turned 5! Not sure how that’s possible but it’s true! Dylly waited very patiently for her birthday to come… with the rest of the family having fall/winter birthdays… spring just takes way to long to get here… but her birthday finally arrived and she was thrilled! We spent many bedtime conversations planning and coming up with ideas for her ‘rainbow party’. On the day of the party she also decided she wanted to make the longerst drawing just like the one in Ramona and Beezus! So that’s what we did… and it was a blast. We love you Dylly more then you will ever know!!

Debbe Schademann : 12:17 March 20, 2013 Reply
I enjoyed every second of that blog! So incredibly creative.
Whitney : 16:15 March 20, 2013 Reply
So CUTE! I miss you guys!

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