January 8, 2010


Fig Adventures

We totally forgot to post these super cute pictures from our Christmas Eve service, but we are a little crazy right now.  As I’m typing this Carly is acting like an alien and causing my belly to make shapes that really shouldn’t be allowed!  We have a trade show tomorrow with Bride World, two days of nothing, and then my C-section Tuesday morning.  And Casey bless his little soul shot a candle light service for our friends at Burnout Beach earlier tonight and now is shooting in our studio for Linea Pelle.  And here I am blogging… we probably should pretend to have a date later tonight. Popcorn, movie, cuddling, you know husband and wife stuff.  Okay back to the Christmas Service.  Each year the little ones from our Canvas Service dress up for a nativity scene and then our pastor tells the story.  It is always pretty comical to get them all up there because kids will say anything.  This year we also had some new characters such as Tinkerbell the angel, Santa Claus, and Davy Crockett.  It was so cute!!  And I was pretty proud of Nathan who played Joseph and Dylly who was a sleepy sheep.

Carrie George : 08:08 April 27, 2010 Reply
These photos are absolutely adorable, but I love the way you captured the story of what went on. I am moved by the angles you chose for every picture and the faces you captured. Wow - what a gift you have! Thanks for sharing it here.

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