January 13, 2010


Fig Adventures

Well what a wild weekend. We had our trade show in Orange County on Saturday then Andrea and baby Carly decided to pull a fast one on me Sunday morning.  I was woken up at 4am. Andrea wasn’t feeling very good. She felt dehydrated and felt like the baby hadn’t been moving up to her normal alien like self. So we jumped in the car and headed to the hospital. They attached her to all the monitors. Baby Carly was fine while she was sleeping but the minute she started to move her heart rate dropped. So they brought in the Ultra Sound machine to check the fluids. She was a little low so the doctors said you are going to have a C-Sections today. Well that was 7am. They said it would be in 30 min. I was like yikes I gotta go home and get my camera. So I raced home and grabbed my gear. I made it back just in time to put on my scrubs and get into the OR. Well the rest is history. Baby Carly and mommy are home as of today and doing well. Be sure to check back because there are lots more pictures to post.


Kathryn Krenz : 10:23 January 14, 2010 Reply
Congratulations! She's beautiful. Her eyes show such depth -- as if she was just talking with angels. I'm so thankful that all of you are doing well. - Kathryn (Bonnie's Mom) P.S. Contact me one of these days about an engagement photography session. Thank you! 310-544-3181
Figlewicz Photo Blog » Blog Archive » MY MATERNITY PHOTOS / MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHERS : 21:51 January 19, 2010 Reply
Kaysha : 08:08 February 2, 2010 Reply
Awww congratulations!! Your family is soo beautiful and your newest addition is perfect!!! :)
Carolyn Quijada : 18:53 February 8, 2010 Reply
Dear Andrea, These pictures are absolutely beautiful. You & the baby look so peaceful. I love the way the little one is looking at you with such "knowing" eyes. I am so glad your dad told me about this website. I also looked at the photos of your family on the beach. GREAT pictures! (CONGRATULATIONS!) Carolyn Quijada
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