August 15, 2012

South Coast Botanical Garden | Palos Verdes | Lauren + Jeff Part 1


Getting to be a part of Lauren and Jeff’s wedding was a HUGE deal to us.  This was a wedding we had been looking forward to for a long time…and so have Lauren and Jeff!  They have been together for so long and have done so much life together.  It seems as though they have grown together and changed over the years into a strong, single unit.  Marriage is really just the icing on the cake (no pun intended)!  Jeff had Casey as a small group leader in the high school group at our church, so it was especially neat for Casey to get to see one of his guys take this huge step in life and make this kind of commitment in his relationship.

As you will come to find out from the photos, Lauren LOVES the colors red and black.  SHE LOVES THEM.  They were all over her wedding, which is great to see because we know it reflects the bride’s style.Look who’s stopping by for a sneak peek!We love these photos of you Lauren!A lot of these guys who were Jeff’s groomsmen were also in the small group that Casey lead so it was like they got to have a mini reunion when they were taking photos of getting ready.Gotta love the high-top chucks!These guys were so fun. Brotherly love.Both Lauren and Jeff’s parents are still married – a really inspiring example for the two of them!  It’s rare and really stands for what marriage is all about – BEING IN IT FOR THE LONG RUN!They put notes and this bottle of wine into that cool box and get to open it in a few years!  That’s such a cool idea!When Lauren came walking out with her dad, it was so hard not to get choked up.  She just looked so excited and so happy!

We cannot believe you two are married!  All the way from when Jeff was not allowed to date (and had to convince his mother that Lauren was unlike anyone else – and he was willing to do anything for her) to this moment right here!  It’s such a blessing to get to celebrate with you and your family’s this special occasion.  Stay tuned everyone for part 2 of Lauren and Jeff’s wedding photos!

Special thanks to all of the vendors, family, and friends who helped put this wedding together!

Ceremony – South Coast Botanic Gardens

Reception – Norris Pavillion

Cake – Kings Hawaiian Bakery

Dress – Bridal Elegance

Caterer – Critics Choice

Maricel Winner : 03:37 August 17, 2012 Reply
I love that you got the high five! Best part of that ceremony.

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