November 25, 2014

Santa Monica Engagement | Mei + Danny by Stacee


Mei and Danny are a wonderful, entertaining couple who have a deep love for life. Here is their story from Mei:

“Danny and I met in high school when we were about 16 years old. We hit it off immediately through our sense of humor and love of food. We used to call each other “fatty” because the first time I actually met Danny, he was throwing back a piece of birthday cake in our friend’s kitchen by himself. My first thought was, “What a cutie!” my second thought was “How can I get in on that cake?” We dated for about a year and a half before separating for college. We were always friends and stayed in touch even though we were no longer together after high school. In 2011, we ran into each other on a night out with friends and the rest is history!”

Danny proposed Valentine’s weekend in Las Vegas and they are busy planning their dream wedding. Check out their engagement photos here, shot by Stacee.


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