July 9, 2012

Published in Terranea Magazine | Palos Verdes Photography


Casey and I are still blown away by the opportunity we were given to be published in the Terranea Resort magazine! We get to take our whole family their this summer too… the kids are going to have a blast. We want to give a big thank you to Katie & Mike and Zahraa & Chris – you guys are awesome and your weddings were gorgeous!For more fun Terranea shoots click here!

Thanks again Terranea!! All the Figgles love you!

Debbe Figlewicz Schademann : 18:23 July 10, 2012 Reply
Beautiful photo shoot and congrats on the magazine!
Keana Clay : 19:16 July 14, 2012 Reply
WOOOOOW! Congrats you two! This is awesome.

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