November 16, 2012

Palos Verdes Family Portrait | Phillips Family

Family Portraits

We love the Phillips Family.  No, really, we seriously love them.  There is so much we can say about them, (sigh), let’s see, where do I begin?  Casey and Gabe became friends when Casey paired up with Gabe in Morocco to do some work though our church.  They started to realize that even though they lived a whole world apart they had SO MUCH in common and became good friends.  After many more trips (and our kids loving each other), Gabe and Mildred and their family would be lifelong friends of ours.  They recently moved back to Chile (where they were from originally) and have dedicated their lives to rebuilding a small ocean side town south of Santiago, Chile, that was completely destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami back in 2010.  Gabe and Mildred brought their family here to the states for the summer this year to help raise funds and awareness for their organization (check it out>>> Amos Project!), and they stayed with us!  It was so fun to have them for the summer, and our little family has been going through withdrawals since they left us… 🙁 We miss them!


Debbe Figlewicz Schademann : 17:40 November 16, 2012 Reply
No words can describe how enveloped I was in this photo shoot. They are not friends, they are family. Some of your very best work. A delight to view. You captured an essence that is magical.
Cotty Landholm : 23:31 November 16, 2012 Reply
These pics are awesome. What a great family God is putting together.

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