November 15, 2012

Laguna Beach Engagment | Elea + Dan


We shot Elea and Dan’s engagement photos down in beautiful Laguna Beach.  It was the perfect day, and we even got the perfect time because when we went down on the rocks to get some shots it was extremely low tide.   We had some climbing to do, but it made for some cool shots down by the water.  Elea and Dan are a very intelligent couple.  The two of them met at the University of Southern California (fight on Trojans!) and continued school for years after.  Elea went on to get her masters and Dan went on to law school!  When they first met their freshman year as undergraduates, neither of them knew it would all one day lead to this!  Despite being good friends, they didn’t even start dating until they were both juniors in college!Elea and Dan explained that once they started dating they both always knew they were going to get married.  It was really just a matter of time.  With both of them in school for so long, and Elea having to move around and travel for a while, their relationship has already been through the difficulties of juggling school and work AND long distance!  Are they ready for marriage?  I’d sure say so!  These two love to travel.  In fact, Dan proposed in his home country (PERU!) at the ruins in Machu Picchu!  Then they plan on honeymooning in Greece and Turkey (which we KNOW they are going to love).  It’s pretty much impossible not to love Greece.We love these silhouettes of these two at the sunset!

Debbe Figlewicz Schademann : 17:58 November 15, 2012 Reply
Love the silhouette sunset pictures.
Jennifer : 20:21 December 4, 2012 Reply
That's so romantic to propose in Machu Picchu, especially since that's where he's from!
Kathia pereira : 04:19 December 30, 2012 Reply
Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple!!!!

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