April 29, 2015

Palos Verdes Engagement | Melissa and Dan


“Melissa is unlike any other girl I have ever been around. Her plans didn’t just include what she was going to do on Friday night but what was going to happen in six months, a year, five years from now. She has always been able to make me smile, even when I didn’t feel like smiling. And she makes me a better person just from being around her. These last two and a half years I have grown tremendously as a person and I know it was because of her. I can only imagine what the rest of our life will be like and I can’t wait! And it doesn’t hurt that she is gorgeous. The thing I like most about Melissa is her laugh. Not just any laugh, but the laugh that she lets loose when she hears something really funny or when I say something ridiculous to try and push her buttons. She always follows it up with a look of love that I adore. She also has a really cute jog that starts with a ridiculous over the top arm swing, though she always claims I am exaggerating.” -Dan

“Dan has the ability to make me smile no matter my mood, I’ve been attracted to his outgoing personality since day one and love that we share the same sense of humor. I love his caring personality and his ability to make me feel like everything will be alright. I like that Dan enjoys cooking and cleaning and he is always so patient with me. I like that he enjoys casual nights in and doesn’t mind that I love wearing comfy clothes all the time. I like that he sometimes knows how I’m feeling without me having to say anything and he can always make me smile and laugh.  I can’t imagine life without his cute grin and comforting hugs and I’m so excited to marry him!” -Melissa


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