August 24, 2012

Palos Verdes Engagement | Jackie + Tristan


Jackie and Tristan have such a great story.  And they do such a great job telling it!  So great, in fact, we are going to share with you some of the things they said about their relationship.  It’s hard not to get excited, laugh, and tear up all while you read what they have written about their thrilling adventure of a relationship.  We have a feeling you are going to get completely enveloped in their words.  I know while I was reading it, my heart was literally racing!  Usually, a picture is worth a thousand words (and though we love their engagement photos), we want to give you their words too.   Good luck getting through it without feeling like a school girl lost in a romantic movie…ha ha!  Jackie and Tristan, the adventure is out there!  We know you two are going to love finding it as husband and wife!

 How did you meet?

Tristan: I was working as an Assistant Manager at Abercrombie & Fitch in PV. I was standing in the front room when I looked over at the cash register and saw Jackie signing in for her shift. That was the first time I ever saw her. She was beautiful. I would flirt with her as she folded clothes or did whatever on the job. After 2 separate closings, I invited the employees out for a meal (Jackie included) just to spend more time with her. Being her boss, it wasn’t appropriate to have a relationship with an employee but…I did anyways. Our 1st one-on-one outing was to the Torrance Beach. Days prior she had a strong beach tan and I told her next time she went, she should let me know. So we went to the beach! And a few days later, I took her out to Misto and to the put-put golf course at the Howard Hughes Center. That was our official first date!

Jackie: We met at A&F on May 16, 2005…I remember erupting into a huge smile when I saw Tristan as I walked into the store to start my first shift of the summer ( I was working there to earn some extra money to travel with while I studied abroad the next school year). I thought Tristan was super attractive, and very fun/flirty! The first week/week and a half of work I would feel SO sick to my stomach with butterflies before starting my shift, although those butterflies seemed to fade as soon as I was in his presence (to this day, I still get butterflies when I’m going to see him after some time apart, and, just like that first week, they always fade once I’m with him!). We went on a few “pre-dates” as Tristan mentioned, dinners with co-workers, and a trip to the beach just the two of us, to get to know each other better (although I didn’t fully know that at the time). As Tristan walked me to the door after our first date (which occurred less than 10 days after we met!), I remember asking him what we were going to do about the no-fraternization policy…he seemed not too concerned about it, but being the rule-follower that I am, I certainly had some reservations! Those reservations didn’t last long, however…after nightly prayers that God would bless our relationship and give me the wisdom to know whether or not our relationship was something to pursue, and once Tristan asked me to be his girlfriend (June 3rd…yes, a little more than 2 weeks after we met!) I knew he was someone special and worth breaking a rule or two for!

How and when did the proposal happen?

Tristan: Prague, Czech Republic. Around 9pm, Oct, 3, 2011, on the Vlatlava River.
What if that’s all I wrote?? No- it was an awesome proposal, pride aside. AWESOME. With the help of Jackie’s Best Friend (and now Maid of Honor), I knew what Jackie’s ideal engagement ring would be. Then I contacted her family’s jeweler in PV (Eliopolus-who also designed her mom’s wedding ring) and asked them to create it for me – which they did! My brother (and now Best Man) went to the store and got it for me and mailed me the ring. I was freaking out because it was taking so long to get to me in Afghanistan. It finally arrived maybe 20 days later, just 6 days before I left to see Jackie! I flew to Prague where I met up w/ Jackie for my 2 week R&R/ secret Engagement Trip! Our 2nd day in Prague I wined and dined her, then took her on a tiny row-boat on the big River along the Old City of Prague….all the historic buildings and bridges were lit up. There was a random wall sticking out in the middle of the river so I tied my boat to it, we both got out and walked to the end of the wall with the whole cityscape as a background. I asked her if the night was thus-far romantic, she said yes. With my camera video on, I said “well, it’s about to get more romantic” and got down on one knee and proposed. After she said yes and we were hugging, a crowd on shore nearby that we hadn’t noticed started clapping. It was great  Then we went to an outdoor cafe, Jackie burned a bit of her dress on a candle sitting on the floor at the entrance of the restaurant, and we got a chocolate crepe dessert ! And I took tons of pictures the whole time!

Jackie: The proposal was AMAZING!!!! Tristan LOVES surprises, and to do over-the-top sweet things in order to create fun memories for us both (ie giving me a Tiffany heart necklace during a light snow storm in front of a sparkling Eiffle Tower in Paris, giving me another Tiffany necklace in Central Park, NYC as the clock struck midnight on New Years). I always thought I would see the proposal coming because he makes SUCH a production out of special moments… the night of the proposal Tristan was taking a lot of pictures and video, documenting our night to a great extent…I’ve always referred to Tristan as my personal paparazzi because he takes SO many pictures of us- but that night was just ridiculous, to the extent I wondered if something was up. However, I quickly dismissed any thoughts of special happenings because in my mind there was NO way he would be able to get a ring, etc..I figured he was just documenting to create fun pictures we could look back on during the remainder of our time apart. When he was rowing us along the river, I couldn’t help but take in how romantic the night was- so much so that I almost told Tristan what a wonderful proposal story our evening would make! When Tristan did propose that night, I was blown away- so much so I didn’t even cry (I am a total cryer when it comes to proposals/weddings)- it was just so perfect- the proposal, the things he said to me, just everything….and it felt so natural/normal- just…of course he’s proposing to me, and of course I’m saying yes, and of course we’re going to get married- this is how its supposed to be! I had waited so long for Tristan to get down on one knee, and it was so worth the wait- I feel like everything I had hoped and prayed for when we began dating was finally coming completely together- He makes everything beautiful in His time.

What drew you together to consider marriage?

Tristan: Tax benefits? No…Isn’t marriage what you aim for when you love someone and want to spend your life with them? That’s how is for me (Tristan). Plus, somebody had to take this hot lady off the market! I had put it off because we were in different states and countries with different jobs and wanted to wait for a convenient time where we’d both be in the same place…but after a while I realized I’d rather Make it work than keep waiting for it to work out naturally, logistically. Hence me deciding in Afghanistan to propose to her in Europe. Sometimes you just gotta take control…

Jackie: Honestly, I think I knew I wanted to marry Tristan after about two months of dating (I was 19- so crazy- I was such a baby!)…He was just everything I had always wanted in a partner in every way. As the days, weeks, months, and years passed, I fell more and more in love with him and knew for certain I wanted to spend my life with him- he’s my best friend.

What do you like most about each other?

Tristan: Oh…where to begin! Her physical beauty isn’t the worst thing in the world… I enjoy that we think the other is so much better at things. We both think we’re marrying up, we both think the other is smarter. I will concede I’m better at math though. I enjoy that Jackie and I take pleasure in the same types of things, and those that are new to Jackie she is open to trying (songs, movies, running, etc). She loves to travel like I do, but because I’ve been more places, it’s fun going back and being the tour guide and making the experience as great as I can for her on her 1st time to new places. I like that she either enjoys or puts up with my humor, depending on the joke of the moment. I love that she likes to be held, because I love holding her.

Jackie: Goodness- I love so many things about Tristan- he is kind, he loves to help others, he is ambitious, he is hilarious (most of the time haha), he is a man of honor and high morals, he’s my number 1 cheerleader/encourager, he’s patient, he’s a gentleman (he STILL opens doors for me), he’s protective, he loves my family and they love him, he’s protective of me and those he cares about, and he loves our kitten (even though he hasn’t met her yet). He makes me want to learn more about myself, the world, and God. I also love that I am myself with Tristan, absolutely 100% myself. I love that he teaches me new things, that I’m always learning more about him, and that we’re always exploring and learning new things together. We just have so much fun together. He’s also hot.

What are your favorite things to do as a couple?

Tristan: Jet-skiing! (yay Miami!) Going on date nights and sharing desserts; giving her piggy back rides; playing Taboo with other couples and destroying them; walking along busy down towns at night and sharing a Starbucks drink; relaxing at the beach; riding bikes along the beach.

Jackie: Pretty much anything/everything- I second jet-skiing, movie date nights, game nights, etc. I also love our nights in- cuddling on the couch while watching Modern Family and making cookies. I love traveling with Tristan- he is the best travel buddy ever- we always seem to want to do/see the same things. Some of my favorite things we do together are also the most simple- making dinner together, going to the grocery store, going for walks along the beach, going to the beach….its the simple things that I actually miss the most when we’re apart- I just love his companionship, really no matter what we’re doing.

Well, Jackie and Tristan, you sure know how to get us all excited about your next chapter of life!  The two of you are incredibly charismatic and full of life!  We know we can’t wait for your wedding day, and now I’m sure as people are reading more about your story – they are just as excited.  This shoot was so fun for us, and we love your style.  Count down until wedding madness begins!!!!  BRING IT ON!  You two are ready to take on the world!




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