February 9, 2016

Palos Verdes Engagement | Allison + Andrew


Meet Andrew and Allison! They have an adorable dog named Charley and they love being active, traveling, and trying new restaurants. Their story begins in 2006 when Allison went to UC Irvine to visit one of her best friends and she was introduced to Andrew. They hit it off and dated for the whole summer, but drifted apart when school started up. Allison went to school 4 hours from UCI so they stayed friends through their sophomore year and visited each other a couple of times but nothing developed until they reconnected for lunch a few years later. They were both living in LA and started dating shortly after this lunch date and have been together ever since!

Their proposal story is so great, we think we’ll let Andrew take it from here:

“I proposed to Allison on March 25, 2015. Without her knowledge, I had worked with her manager to approve a few days off of work. Allison was out of town for a work meeting and was to return on Wednesday, the 25th. Her favorite holiday is Christmas, so with the help of a friend, I decorated the apartment with Christmas decorations. I was even able to find a fake Christmas tree in March! Allison came home and her first response was, “why is there a Christmas tree in the apartment?!” After I surprised her with a proposal, we jumped in an Uber and headed for Downtown LA, where I told her we were grabbing drinks. It was not until we arrived at Union Station and the Uber driver pulled our suitcases out of the trunk that I told her she had the next few days off of work. I had arranged for us to spend the next few days in San Diego to celebrate our engagement.” Well done Andrew! This plan was genius and it fit their relationship so well and we couldn’t help but smile as we wrote this blog and re-read their story. We hope you enjoy Allison and Andrew’s photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!


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