December 4, 2012

Walt Disney Concert Hall Engagment | Claudia and Shaun


Check out this fun engagement shoot with Claudia and Shaun and the Walt Disney Concert Hall!  It’s a cool venue to shoot at to begin with, and Claudia and Shaun are such a good looking couple!  We think you are really going to like this shoot.  I love Claudia’s style, her dresses and heels are to die for!  Girls, try not to drool.  And Shaun’s not bad arm candy either!  The two of them met at a party but barely spoke to each other…later on, they found out their friends were plotting on getting them together and had been scheming to get them to go on a date.  Their first date finally happened at C&O (mmmmmmmm, more bread knobs, please!) and they have been inseparable ever since!

Shaun proposed to Claudia on the Santa Monica pier after they rode the ferris wheel there.  When they got to the end of the pier Shaun asked someone to take a picture of them and slyly slipped in to this stranger photographer that he was about to propose.  When he got down on one knee, everything he had planned to say went right out the window.  But he got out the important things: I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Good work, Shaun!It’s almost disgusting how cute these two are when they talk about each other.  Claudia told us all of the cute things Shaun does for her (like making her lunch for work before she wakes up, buying her flowers every week, writes her love notes…)  She went on and on about how caring and thoughtful he is towards her, so yeah, keep it up Shaun!  Sounds good to me Claudia!  Shaun told us that if he had to pick one thing he loves most about Claudia, it would be her smile.  He says it “lights up a room.”  Good thing you two are getting married cus we can’t even handle how much you guys like each other!  You two are so hot!We love these shots!  You guys are so fun and we are going to have the BEST time shooting your wedding!  We know you’re excited – just know that we are too!

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