March 21, 2011



Teri and Jim are awesome! Their wedding was fantastic… they had a priest that threw water at them, a double decker bus, my favorite dress of the year, volleyball (yes, volleyball), amazing friends and the best party ever!! And of course we love them!

My saddest part of the day is when we have to leave.  My heart gets attached very quickly and I always want to stay for the party too.  But our kiddies are waiting at home for us and we kinda love them too!!

Teri and Jim, we loved spending the day with you, getting to know you better and watching your family and friends love you too.   You guys are awesome together… because at the end of the day you are best friends and love being together. When things get crazy and hard dial it back to the fact that… God saw you two and thought,  yup they are going to have fun together. He created you to love… so LOVE each other forever!!



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