June 14, 2016

Palos Verdes Engagement | Karin and Brian


From this beautiful couple:

“As cliche as some may think it is, Karin and Brian met at a bar! Brian claims he always meant to meet his wife at bar! However this bar was not just any bar, it was a local Denver hot spot, called the “Front Porch”; where you could easily observe the crowd around the lower lever bar from the lofty porch -like- entrance that looked over the scene of 20 year old somethings, mingling after work on a Friday evening. Brian immediately spotted Karin and her friends on the way to the Porch area, and sparked up a conversation by asking the ladies to watch his beer while he stepped outside. Karin decided to join him while he stepped out. We immediately started chatting about snowboarding, our friends, the Colorado life, and felt an instant connection. Brian’s gorgeous smile and piercing blue eyes were all Karin could really think about when she asked what the rest of her evening plans were…coincidentally, both of groups of their friends at the bar were headed to the same next watering hole.” These two are adorable and their Palos Verdes Engagement session with Kaitlin was incredible! Check out their photos and look for their wedding photos coming soon!


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