April 14, 2015

Palm Springs Engagement | Lexie and Brandon


Lexie and Brandon have a special place in our hearts as we have known this bride-to-be since she was in junior high. Lexie was one of the first people to babysit Nathan, our son, so we were stoked to see her getting married to Brandon. These two make a wonderful couple and as you will see in their pictures, they just love to be near each other! Their engagement happened in Lexie’s parents’ backyard with her whole family around to celebrate. Brandon was standing in a dress suit, holding a rose, waiting for Lexie to come outside. When she was led to the backyard, Lexie thought she would see some new plants her brother had planted for her mom…but when she opened the door, her eyes met a backyard full of candles and flowers surrounding Brandon as he asked for her hand in marriage! She says “it was perfect in every way!”


We love what drew Lexie and Brandon to marriage: “We both knew that we had wanted the same things out of our lives and out of marriage. Plus, we were crazy about each other! We both had had our share of heartbreak and life lessons, and very strongly believed that God was trying to open our eyes to something more; to each other.” We love you both and can’t wait to see your love story unfold!


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