November 12, 2009



We were so excited to shoot Joe and Toni’s wedding. Weddings are so fun but it is even more fun when you already know the couple.  Toni and Joe met at a Kinkos and it was love at first sight… or if you don’t believe in that… they each agreed the other was a hotty and then love followed.  They both saw each other but then Joe left. When Toni walked out to the parking lot she found him sitting in his car, which was parked right next to her car.  Toni was compelled to approach his window and they have been together ever since.  The wedding took place at McMenamin’s Cornelius Pass Roadhoouse in Hillboro, Oregon on the 4th of July. (Ssshhh… Don’t tell our kids, we are hoping they are young enough that they won’t remember us leaving them and missing the fireworks.) It was so exciting for Casey and I to go away for the weekend and also get to work together.  Casey and I actually met when I was living in Oregon and I came home to California to visit for a few days.  That was 10 years ago! Okay enough about us.  Toni is a Model/Actress and Joe plays professional football. They could not be any cuter together.  Their wedding really reflected them as a couple. Super fun, beautiful location, tons of friends and family. And everyone was so excited to celebrate with them.  Their cake by Gimme Some Sugar was super funky and amazing.  My two favorite details were her purple high heels and the photo booth with props.   Of course the location at McMenamin’s was awesome and the weather was perfect.


Kaysha : 21:24 December 16, 2009 Reply
WOW you weren't kidding about this wedding! The portraits up against that old building and open field are stunning! Great work!

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