Malibu Engagment Session
February 14, 2017

Malibu Creek State Park Engagement | Melissa and Tom


Meet Melissa and Tom, and their adorable pup, Penny Lane! We were so excited to capture their Malibu Creek State Park Engagement session. These two met at their first job out of law school and a few years later Tom took Melissa on a surprise aerial helicopter tour of the Southern California Coast. We will let them take the story from here:

“We flew from the South Bay up to the Pacific Palisade and then south down the coast toward Hermosa Beach. Tommy asked his brother Mike, sister-in-law Jeannie, and friend Rob to write “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” in the sand on the beach. As they flew over their hometown, Hermosa Beach, Melissa’s attention was directed down to the beach, where she (eventually) saw the writing in the sand. Melissa was surprised, shocked, maybe a little confused if it was for her or not, until Tommy presented her with the engagement ring and proposed. She said yes!!”

What do Tom and Melissa love most about each other? The shared commitment to unconditional love! They are consistently challenging one another to stay open minded. They enjoy exploring the world together on this journey of life. 



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