August 4, 2010


Family Portraits

All I can think of is WOW… I can’t believe I got to see my best friend of 15 years give birth to her third baby.  It was so awesome to be apart of Wyatt’s delivery.

Megan and I have been best friends since junior high.  And we pretty much have done everything together since.  I’m not sure why God thought it was a good idea to put us together at such a  young age because we were just plain trouble for the first 6 years of our friendship.  You name it we probably did it or at least thought about doing it. I can’t remember exactly why, but after high school we stopped talking for awhile… probably had to do with that trouble I was talking about.  We finally started talking again the spring before we both got married.  Casey and I got married in July of 2002 and Frank and Megan got married in August 2002.

Megan and I had our first babies in 2004. She had her daughter Rian in July and I had my son Nathan in December.  They are super cute together.   Then came Ava, Megan’s daughter, then Taylor, my daughter, then Dylan, my daughter, then Carly, my daughter, and then finally Wyatt, Megan’s son! Oh and Megan is also an amazing step mom to Christian, Frank’s first son.

I know we are crazy! We just had lunch the other day and it was a little overwhelming.  But of course Megan and I just started laughing at the chaos!   Megan I love you more then you know and I am so thankful that God had bigger and better plans for our lives… more then we could have imagined or hoped for. We have loving husbands that work their butts of to provide for our families and way to many kids, but they are all so cute!  I hope you enjoy the photos!

JESSIE + BRIAN = BABY JULIET | TORRANCE, CA. PHOTOGRAPHERS » Figlewicz Photo Blog : 22:50 September 9, 2010 Reply
[...] has been my other best friend besides Megan for the last 10 years! Casey and I got married in her husband’s backyard before they ever [...]

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