Maravilla Gardens Wedding | Avi and Rhett Part 2

From Avital:

“Our wedding day was magical.  I didn’t think I would cry, but as soon as I saw Rhett, I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. My cousin, Uri, officiated the ceremony with great passion and humor. Rhett’s mom, Debi, does estate sales and provided many of the details that personalized the wedding site. One of our favorite moments was our first dance and the flashmob. We wanted to commemorate our original flashmob and use some of the songs that were an integral part of the ‘getting to know each other’ phase of our relationship. We couldn’t believe how many friends and family members actually joined in. It was so special to be able to share our passion and love for one another with the people who mean the most to us.  It was so wonderful to feel that warmth and love radiated back at us. The day was absolutely perfect from start to finish.”

From Craig, Rhett’s Father:

“One hundred years ago, Rhett’s great-great-grandfather wrote a play in which he tried to capture the essence of love. He wrote that love is made manifest through service, that it is in the daily giving of ourselves to another that we truly love. This is the elusive quality of love…that we cannot acquire it or possess it, but we have it only when we give it away. Rhett and Avi…may you give your hearts every day in service to the other, and so know the true joy of living as husband and wife.”



Venue & Reception – Maravilla Gardens

Event Coordinator – Carolyn from Maravilla Gardens

Florist – LV Floral Events

DJ – Bruce Barrios

Cake Artist – Marie Shannon Confections

Gown Boutique – Panache Santa Barbara

Makeup & Hair – Cleo Salon

Officiant – Avi’s cousin Uri

Caterer – Command Performance Catering

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    OMG! I am so in love with this wedding shoot! You captured everything. Wonderful.

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Maravilla Gardens Wedding | Avi and Rhett Part 1

Rhett and Avital met while playing in the same kickball league. They were introduced at a happy hour for league referees by a mutual friend. When the Beyonce song “Single Ladies” played during their first conversation, the two realized they had something in common… they both knew the dance. They promised to connect on facebook where a video of Rhett’s Beyonce dance skills could be found. After watching the video, Avital asked Rhett to participate in an upcoming Bollywood dance flash mob with her. Practice sessions were initiated and the rest was history!

Christmas day, 2012, Rhett and Avital were at Mt. Tremblant, just outside Montreal on a ski trip with Av’s extended family. While skiing in the afternoon, R & A decided to separate from the group for a hot chocolate in the lodge at the top of the mountain. After warming up by the fire, they stepped onto the balcony to take in the view. Rhett handed his phone to Avital to watch a video he had supposedly taken of her snowboarding the previous day. The video that Rhett had made was a spoof on the Colbert Report, with Rhett as the guest host explaining all the reasons our relationship is awesome. After laughing together through the entire segment, Rhett pulled out the rings and proposed.

Here is part one of Avi and Rhett’s beautiful wedding!


Venue & Reception - Maravilla Gardens

Event Coordinator - Carolyn from Maravilla Gardens

Florist - LV Floral Events

DJ - Bruce Barrios

Cake Artist - Marie Shannon Confections

Gown Boutique - Panache Santa Barbara

Makeup & Hair - Cleo Salon

Officiant – Avi’s cousin Uri

Caterer - Command Performance Catering

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