September 20, 2018

Brittany + Brandon

Where do I begin on describing our experience? Not only are they an amazing photographer duo, but they are an inspiring couple with a beautiful family. They are both deeply caring individuals and made my husband & I feel extraordinarily comfortable throughout our entire engagement photo shoot as well as the day of our wedding. They have a true artistic feel for any environment they are placed in. When I started following them on Social Media (Facebook and Insta), I truly saw how incredible their photos are, not only the photos they do for weddings, family portraits, etc., but also of their beautiful children and their lives at home. We are truly blessed to have been introduced to them through our venue (Los Verdes Golf Course). Casey & Andrea have an online blog and it’s so incredibly adorable! Not only did we get our beautiful photos from them, but they then took the time to write us an individual blog on our engagement photo shoot and the other for our wedding. My most favorite interaction with C & A was when we were taking our engagement photos, Andrea took my husband and I down the side of this hill in Palos Verdes (near Portuguese Bend), to place us for a beautiful shot that Casey was going to shoot from up on top of the hill. We were roughly 300-400 feet or so from where Casey stood, and he started communicating via hand signals on where to place us. Andrea communicated back via hand signals and boom… picture taken! I was utterly shocked. Some people can’t even communicate when standing side by side with each other! But here our photographers were, communicating without words to set us up for an amazing shot. Their love for each other is beautiful, and how they work together is truly astonishing to watch. I cannot wait for our next adventure with our photographers. I would recommend Casey & Andrea to anyone, there are no words good enough to describe how much we love out photographers.


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