Tory’s love for photography started at a very young age, although it was not until she had her own newborn, that her true passion for capturing every moment started to shine through. Now, she has spent the last 16 years photographing newborns and families. She loves watching her clients grow from 5 pound newborns to budding young adults! Specializing in newborns takes patience and an eye for detail, even in the chaos. Tory is thoughtfully present with her tiny clients waiting for the perfect moment to freeze time. She offers a tangible heirloom of your newborn‘s first few weeks to remind you how small their fingers and toes were, how they curled up so delicately, all while still managing to capture the in-between moments that seem to fade so fast. When Tory is not shooting, you will most likely find her filming her son and friends surfing at a local South Bay surf break or being a doting mother to her daughter.


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