Andrea is the “creative one.”  And when I say the creative one – I’m not messing around.  Give her a garage full of old junk and a couple hours and she will find and recreate a whole room full of cool vintage furnishings.  She loves finding old things and making them new (and cute might I add).  She collects pretty much anything with color – you name it, she’s got it: old stamps, yarn, paintbrushes, marbles, mason jars, fabrics, ribbons, seeds, ANYTHING!  As you can imagine, this makes her a pretty fun mommy.  But aside from her love for arts, crafts, and all things beautiful, she also has grown up with a love for swimming and the beach.  If she wasn’t a full time professional photographer, full time mom, and full time friend to many, she would probably have rather been a mermaid (at least that’s what her little girls think anyway).

Being a mermaid, however, probably wouldn’t go over well with her irrational fear of being attacked by a shark.  Her son Nathan gets his passion and excitement for life from her, her daughter Dylan gets her feisty attitude from her, and her youngest little girl, Carly, get’s her sense of humor from her.  Needless to say, she’s got a ton of personality – but she’s really a kid at heart.  She still believes in magic, she would love to live in a tree house, and no lizard is too fast for her to catch.  IF you can get her up early enough in the morning – she just might make you the best coconut waffles you will ever eat. IN. YOUR. LIFE.  And THAT’S the truth!