Point Vicente Interpretive Center Wedding | Emily + Alex

Emily and Alex’s Point Vicente wedding was incredible! Stacee had a great day shooting this wedding and we loved to see all of the beautiful blue and yellow details they incorporated into their big day. The story of how these two met is adorable so read about this childhood love that started in 1991!

The story of us technically begins about 23 years ago in the dressing rooms of Baby Face, Kent and Debi’s business, where Aimee (Emily’s mother) worked. (Whether or not this marriage was arranged in 1991 is still up to speculation.) Days were spent in the store playing in the dressing rooms or modeling the baby clothes. Modeling even included the two of us, and my sister Paige, being featured in a commercial for the store. Fast forward about 8 years, when we meet again sitting next to each other in Mrs. Wiley’s third grade class. Our friendship grew instantly being project partners in class, playing on the blacktop during lunch, and spending weekends at each other’s houses. And our teachers might have been in on this “arranged” marriage as well since we sat next to each other for the rest of our time at Crestwood. Though we went to different middle and high schools, we still kept in touch here and there, keeping our affections for each other to ourselves. However in 2010, our secrets were finally revealed when we met at a Hollywood dance club and hit it off. The next two weeks were filled with dates of beach walks, movies, hikes, and dinners, until Alex had to go back to the Air Force Academy. Though our first year was tough with long distance, our friendship grew into a loving and caring relationship, which we wish to continue for the rest of our lives.”

After a romantic proposal in Austria, Emily and Alex began to plan the rest of their lives. Emily and Alex, we wish you all of the happiness in the world and cannot wait to see where your adventures take you!

Wedding Photography : Figlewicz Photography, Stacee
Ceremony & Reception Location : Point Vicente Interpretive Center
Gown Boutique : David’s Bridal
Floral Design : Emily Dovolis
Caterer : Entertaining Friends
Linens : Debi Thomson
Hair & Make-Up : Emily Dovolis
Cake : Torrance Bakery
Band/DJ : Michael Angelo Music

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Rolling Hills Wedding | Hannah + Joshua

Hannah + Joshua’s story (told by Josh)…

“We first met in the summer of 2013 while I was working at a summer camp. Hannah came to camp as a counselor for the week while I was on staff for the entire summer. We played a friendly, yet competitive, staff vs counselor kickball game. During the game, Hannah kicked a rocket of a line drive, flying about one foot off the ground, just to the left of me. I chose to dive for it, since it was our “championship game”, but unfortunately the ball slipped straight through my hands and hit me square in the neck! A couple days later after we had won the game, Hannah came up to me and introduced herself and brought up how I was the one who stopped her ball. I then explained to her how it had actually obliterated my jugular and we got to talking that day and saw each other occasionally for the rest of the week. We ended up exchanging Facebook info at the end of the week to keep in touch…and we did indeed keep in touch.”

These two love birds got engaged on Christmas Eve of 2014. Josh took Hannah to Hearst Castle as a Christmas present, but little did she know there was so much more awaiting her. During a pre-castle hike on Hearst Castle Beach, Josh’s “outside help” had prepared rose petals and candles leading to the bluffs overlooking the ocean. As they stood in a heart of rose petals, Josh asked Hannah to marry him and the rest is history in the making! This couple is such fun to be around and Kaitlin and Dan had so much fun capturing every detail of Mr. + Mrs. Sanchez’s Rolling Hills wedding.


Wedding Photography : Figlewicz Photography – Kaitlin
Ceremony + Reception Location : Private Home
Event Coordinator : WB Event Planning
Gown Boutique : Bridal Elegance
Floral Design : WB Event Planning
Wedding Videography : Swooner
Officiant : Pastor Brandon Cash
Linens : Heavenly Moments
Make-Up + Hair : Maggie Woodward
Caterer : Lucielle’s
Cake + Dessert Bar : BUTTER
Band/DJ : VOX DJs

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